CORE SESSIONS: Get in the Yoke

Core Sessions introduce crucial building blocks needed for cultivating an inner life on the PATH.

SESSION #1   The Power Within
Participants will:
• Recognize the power and responsibility resulting from free will.
• Understand that a life on the PATH is inherently powerful, while being LOST involves giving away personal power.
• Realize that excuses and blaming reduce personal power.

SESSION #2   The Super Power of the Inside Job
Participants will:
• Realize that thoughts lead to feelings, choices, and outcomes.
• Understand and use the Frame to improve the outcomes they are experiencing.
• Learn to use the Frame for creating a habit of thinking with the mind of Jesus.

SESSION #3   Improve Your Ride
Participants will:
• Realize that success in life is a function of their Virtue Quotient, not their Intelligence Quotient.
• Identify the Cardinal Virtues and understand their inherent power for transforming negative thinking habits and temptations.

SESSION #4   The Line
Participants will:
• Understand when their thinking is serving them well (Above the Line) and when it is an obstacle to their potential (Below the Line).
• Practice habits of personal awareness.
• Develop strategies for effectively managing their thinking while in the yoke with Jesus.


Bring an On the PATH Workshop to Your Teens
Custom-designed a workshop to meet your school or organization’s needs.

Sessions run 75-90 minutes each.

Choose one, or stack several for a half or full day event.
Basic PATH cornerstones are woven into every session.

For more information, see General Session Information.

For pricing and to reserve your date, Contact Peg.