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Following Jesus On the PATH
A Catholic Teen’s Guide to Life-Altering Faith
By Peg Dubrowski

To order Following Jesus On The PATH texts, the student workbook (A Traveler’s Interactive Guidebook), or teaching PowerPoints, print this order page or download a PDF  Order Form 5.2017



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STUDENT GUIDEBOOK MASTERS delivered as a single master paper-copy. See samples here. Travelers Guide Sample Pages

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TEACHING POWERPOINTS delivered on USB; editable (select individual PPTs below)

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1st Option: Send your completed order form and check payable to Peg Dubrowski to:
Peg Dubrowski at On The PATH Books
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Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367


2nd Option: PayPal
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SELECTING INDIVIDUAL POWERPOINTS: Indicate by check mark the PPTs you want to order. Total your cost and transfer to the Teaching PowerPoint section of the order form.

PowerPoints available for delivery NOW:

________Chapters 1 and 3—Find Your Purpose on the PATH and Happiness

________Chapters 4—Road Trip

________The Power of the Brain—Supporting content not in text; used before Chapter 5

________Chapter 5—The Inside Job

________Chapter 6—The Frame: Think-Feel-Do-Get

________Chapter 7—The Vehicle

________Chapter 9—Shifting Planks

________Chapters 10, 11 part one, 12—Ancestry, Evil Emperor, Habits of Grace

________Chapters 11 part two and Temptation—Emperor and supporting content not in text.

________Chapter 13—Safety Check: How’s My Thinking

________Chapter 14—Thought Circles

AVAILABLE for Delivery September 30, 2017

________Chapter 15—Confronting NTHs and Temptations: Tools for In the Moment

________Chapter 16—Confronting NTHs and Temptations: Tools for After the Fact

________Chapter 17—The Land of Other People

________Chapter 18 and 19—Trust Funds

________Chapter 20 and 21—Co-Travelers

________Chapter 22—Stormy Weather

________Chapter 23—Hits

________Chapter 24—Road Rage

________Total PowerPoints Requested

$_______TOTAL COST (# of PPTS requested x 7)