Following Jesus on the PATH:

A Catholic Teen’s Guide to Life-Altering Faith

An new resource for unleashing the power of the Catholic Faith.


Jesus gave you a purpose: Love God. Love each other.

Jesus gave you a mission: Pass on the Purpose.

Jesus gave you a target audience: Teenagers.


Post-Christian culture is alluring, distracting, and seductively attractive. It’s easy to get mixed up about what’s important and misled by the inviting temptations the world offers. No one should be surprised when teens struggle to learn their purpose and recognize their mission.

Do you have powerful and potent strategies that prepare teens to effectively cut through this Culture Chaos? Are your resources and session plans rich in techniques for engaging the often skeptical, the sometimes cynical? Are they worthy weapons for taking on the battle for their souls? How would your home, group, classroom, or school be different if your teens

  • were completely engaged by the unabashedly crucial relevance of the mission to Pass on the Purpose?
  • brought Jesus into the mix of all their decisions, experiences, and relationship?
  • had potent techniques and skills for resisting the lure of 21st century relativism?
  • mastered a language of accountability that creates a palpable climate of Catholicism?

With an engaging first person approach, ‘teencentric’ reference points, and a slew of fresh and effective faith metaphors, Following Jesus On the PATH distills the compelling heart of Catholicism and presents it as the blueprint and action plan for creating a deeply meaningful life. It has proven uniquely successful in cultivating habits and skills that equip seekers of all ages to live out their purpose: Love God and love each other.

Purchase the book and get On the PATH.                           Sessions for faculty, parents, and students.






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