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Sessions for Building the Body of Christ teach teens practical, concrete, and powerful skills for living Catholic morality in the Land of Other People.

SESSION # 7   Getting Back to the Garden Together
Participants will:
• Recognize the potential graces present in the Mystical Body of Christ.
• Explain the three responsibilities each member has in the Land of Other People (Get In Shape, Do Your Part, and Help Others Succeed).
• Identify the three guiding principles within the Land of Other People.

SESSION #8   Building Trust Funds
Participants will:
• Recognize the PATH is safer and most achievable when traveled with like-minded co-travelers.
• Develop strategies for building successful parent/child relationships and healthy friendships.
• Identify potential mentors for their journey on the PATH.

SESSION #9   Stormy Weather
Participants will:
• Identify favorable conditions for the spawning of destructive social tornadoes.
• Recognize, avoid, and dismantle social tornadoes of negativity and destruction.
• Acquire concrete tools for building and maintaining calm and respectful environments.

SESSION #10   Hits and Road Rage
Participant will:
• Develop a healthy respect for the teaching power of obstacles and difficulties experienced while on the PATH.
• Learn skills for managing life’s curve balls with self-confidence and resilience.
• Learn effective methods for resolving conflicts while in the Yoke and on the PATH.


Bring an On the PATH Workshop to Your Teens
Custom-designed a workshop to meet your school or organization’s needs.

Sessions run 75-90 minutes each.

Choose one, or stack several for a half or full day event.
Basic PATH cornerstones are woven into every session.

For more information, see General Session Information.

For pricing and to reserve your date, Contact Peg.


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