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It is impossible to put into words the impact that On the PATH will have on people’s lives. Peg invites teens to think about life, and life decisions, in a whole new way, and she has created an excellent guide for teens to follow in becoming exceptional and responsible adult Catholics. Teens introduced to On the PATH’s skills and lessons are not only likely to live happy, faith-filled lives, but are also likely to be great leaders and examples in faith and life in general.
Bobbie, parent



On the PATH is such a blessing to many lives. It’s a wonderful piece that can help younger readers (and even their adult counterparts) assess their personal and faith lives, and move forward in healthy ways. I can pictured my daughter and oldest son reading this now, and my younger two when they are ready. There is great strength in the text because of Peg’s navigation of the material, and the wonderful way she offered scripture as a base. Her understanding and implementation of Top20 concepts was fantastic!
Kevin, parent



On the PATH has helped me realize that, although I had taken steps to create success in other aspects of my life, I had clearly neglected to create a process for finding and following the pathway to Christ. Peg’s book IS that process. As a parent of young children, I appreciate the number of tools that help me when guiding them through challenges. They’re tools that my children understand and they help keep Christ at the center of our conversations and solutions.

On the PATH’s message is serious and powerful, and challenges the reader to change where needed, and to grow. At the same time, the tone is friendly and full of reminders to be patient and forgiving with oneself. It’s a great read and one you’ll reference over and over again.
Janet, parent

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