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This book reminds me that my mind is a powerful tool and a lot depends upon the choices I make. But no matter the choices, I must indeed remember that God’s love is unconditional and unceasing. As I read On the PATH, I realized that being LOST does not make me a bad person, it simply makes me human, as we all are. God carries me through it all. Once I get on the PATH, God still carries me. I am the farthest thing from perfect. However, that’s okay because On the PATH has shown me I can work on being a better me today and every day for the rest of my existence.
Kendall, 17



On the PATH is a learning tool unlike any other textbook. It is amazing how a lot of these concepts stayed with me five years after I went through the program. I see, and still use, concepts such as “The Line” and “The Frame” in everyday interactions. I recommend this book for students of all ages, as I would be LOST without it.”
Patrick, 19



I’m not sure about other schools, but at my school religion classes tend to be kind of general. They are not geared towards teens, but they are being taught to teens. On the PATH is a great new approach for teaching religion to teens. It uses metaphors and current examples taken directly from our everyday lives, plus it uses a good balance of humor. If this book was taught, a lot more students would stay attentive and find learning about their faith to be more interesting, challenging, and definitely more engaging.
Matt, 17


As a college freshmen at a public university, I wish that I had read On the PATH when I was younger. I know it would have made me stronger in my faith and given me the confidence to face everyday obstacles. Though I participated in a program similar to this when I was in middle school, it was missing the faith connection, and that piece makes all the difference. On the PATH not only shows teens how to conquer obstacles and confrontations, but how to face them with personal faith, Scripture, and tradition as our backbone and support.
Sarah, 19

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