Traffic Jam

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Traffic Jam

An excellent group strategy game highlighting the key marks of the members of the Body of Christ: Get In Shape, Do Your Part, and Help Others Succeed.

You will need:

One blank sheet of paper
“A” and “B” papers to equal the number in your group.

Set up:

  1. Write the rules on the board and be sure they are clear; demonstrate as needed. :
    • No moving backwards
    • A person can only move forward to an empty space
    • A person cannot “jump over” their own team mate (your team mates share your letter)
    • Only one person may move at a time
    • One spot per person, no sharing
    • If any of these rules are broken, the group must begin again
  2. Lay your papers in a line on the floor as below.
    • A A A A A A A (Blank) B B B B B B B B
    • The A and B side should be even or within one sheet of each other
  3. Have each student stand on a letter paper, with the blank paper in the middle of the line


The goal of the game is to get side A to side B and Side B to side A
(B B B B B B B B (Blank) A A A A A A A A )

Begin when your group is clear on the rules.


This is an awesome group building game, so be sure to debrief. Do not assume that they ‘get the point.’ without your guidance:

  1. At what point was the group functioning like the Body of Christ–In Shape (all heads in the game), Doing Your Part (everyone’s gifts offered and used), and Helping Others Succeed (noticing, including, challenging each other).
  2. In what ways did you act together as a group to solve the challenge? (HIGHLIGHT communication, motivation and planning)
  3. In what ways did you NOT act together as a group to solve the challenge? How did you deal with this? DID you deal with this?
  4. For your next challenge, how can you be even better as a team, reflecting the power and potential of the Body of Christ?
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