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Following Jesus On the PATH
A Catholic Teen’s Guide to Life-Altering Faith
By Peg Dubrowski

To order Following Jesus On The PATH texts, the student workbook (A Traveler’s Interactive Guidebook), or teaching PowerPoints, print this order page or download a PDF Order Form 5.2017


Mailing Address:_________________________________________
State and Zip:___________________________________________




Single copy: $20 ($3 shipping)

2-5 copies: $20 each ($5 shipping)

6-20 copies: $20 each ($8 shipping)

21-99 copies: $18 each (shipping TBD; contact peg@onthepathbooks.com)

100+ copies: $16 each (shipping TBD;contact peg@onthepathbooks.com)

Number of books______

Cost           $_______

Shipping   $_______

Text Total $_______


10-ISSUE PARENT E-NEWSLETTER delivered electronically for electronic distribution. See a sample here. V1 i1-Watermarked

5-issues yearly/ $500.00 per year

Year One  $______

Year Two  $______


STUDENT GUIDEBOOK MASTERS delivered as a single master paper-copy. See samples here Travelers Guide Sample Pages

_____1-year, 10-15 copies, right to print: $150

_____1 year, 16-20 copies, right to print: $200

_____1 year, 21-30 copies, right to print $250

_____1 year, 31-50 copies, right to print $350

_____1 year, 51+ copies, right to print $500


TEACHING POWERPOINTS carry full teaching notes and are editable; delivered via USPS on USB; select individual PowerPoints below and transer total cost to “Individual” line below. For samples of teaching PowerPoints, send an email to peg@onthepathbooks.com.

Individual (see below): $20 each  $_______

Set of 19: $350.00                            $_______



Text Total                                           $_______

Guidebook Masters                          $_______

PowerPoints                                       $_______

Add PPT and/or Masters shipping             3.00

TOTAL COST                                  $_______



1st Option: Send your completed order form and check payable to Peg Dubrowski to:
Peg Dubrowski at On The PATH Books
13 Forest Knoll Circle
Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367


2nd Option: PayPal
(1) Send a copy of your order form as an email attachment to peg@onthepathbooks.com
(2) I will email you a PayPal invoice.
(3) You make payment using PayPal.
(4) After receiving your payment, I mail the book (s) to you via US mail.


SELECTING INDIVIDUAL POWERPOINTS: Indicate by check mark the PPTs you want to order. Total your cost and transfer to the “Individual” line in Teaching PowerPoint section of the order form.

PowerPoints available for delivery NOW:

________Chapters 1 and 3—Find Your Purpose on the PATH and Happiness

________Chapters 4—Road Trip

________The Power of the Brain—Supporting content not in text; used before Chapter 5

________Chapter 5—The Inside Job

________Chapter 6—The Frame: Think-Feel-Do-Get

________Chapter 7—The Vehicle

________Chapter 9—Shifting Planks

________Chapters 10, 11 part one, 12—Ancestry, Evil Emperor, Habits of Grace

________Chapters 11 part two and Temptation—Emperor and supporting content not in text.

________Chapter 13—Safety Check: How’s My Thinking

________Chapter 14—Thought Circles

________Chapter 15—Confronting NTHs and Temptations: Tools for In the Moment

________Chapter 16—Confronting NTHs and Temptations: Tools for After the Fact

________Chapter 17—The Land of Other People

AVAILABLE for Delivery September 30, 2017

________Chapter 18 and 19—Trust Funds

________Chapter 20 and 21—Co-Travelers

________Chapter 22—Stormy Weather

________Chapter 23—Hits

________Chapter 24—Road Rage


________Total PowerPoints Requested

$_______TOTAL COST (# of PPTS requested x @20)



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