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Catholic educators, whether at home or in the classroom, need to feel revolutionary when teaching our religion. On the PATH is the way to infuse this passion. The critical main difference I note in On the PATH, as compared to other resources for teen faith development, is its level of ‘teachability.’ It presents Catholicism as an engaging learning process that can be applied to the classroom and to everyday life.  I thank Peg for creating a truly engaging, consequential, and valuable resource for sharing the great truths of Catholicism with our teens.
Lisa, classroom teacher


On the PATH gives students the tools to face daily challenges and provides strategies for putting on the armor of God and taking control of their ‘ride’ through life. They learn it is a choice to take action and stop being a victim. The lessons presented by Peg are useful, empowering, relevant and faith-filled. I pray all of the world’s teens, and adults as well, have the insight to look inward at their own power to control outcomes. This is book is an amazing tool to begin teaching about this power- our own and that which we are graced with by God.
Christine, classroom teacher


The concepts and lingo in On the Path are so much more where teens are as compared to what is usually offered in religion programs. The examples it offers are concrete, germane, and easy for them to relate to, and every sentence is packed with great information. Students will find themselves engaged, investigating, and taking responsibility for their own faith and moral development.
Jan, Parish School of Religion teacher

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