MAINTENANCE SESSIONS: Avoiding Internal Hazards While on the PATH

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MAINTENANCE SESSIONS engage teens in identifying and monitoring internal obstacles to the PATH, including thinking habits, objective evil, and temptations.

SESSION #5   Plank Alert: Keeping to the PATH during tough times
Participants will:
• Identifying their own Negative Thinking Habits (NTHs), Thought Circles, and recurring temptations.
• Learn methods for reducing NTHs and temptations by increasing their Virtue Quotient.
• Develop strategies for combating deeply rooted NTHs and temptations.

SESSION #6   The Fall and the Evil Emperor
Participants will:
• Identify four primary movements in Salvation History (original holiness, the fall, the wandering, the New Adam).
• Realize that evil is real and determined to Edge God Out (EGO) of their lives.
• Begin to recognize those vulnerable places within themselves where evil seeks to enter.

Bring an On the PATH Workshop to Your Teens
Custom-designed a workshop to meet your school or organization’s needs.

Sessions run 75-90 minutes each.

Choose one, or stack several for a half or full day event.
Basic PATH cornerstones are woven into every session.

For more information, see General Session Information.

For pricing and to reserve your date, Contact Peg.


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